08/30/20: 104 degrees at Dinosaur Valley!

08/29/20: Why not?

08/23/20: Jollibee brings a bit of the Philippines to Dallas!

08/11/20: Mr. Miyagi has nothing on me!

08/10/20: Lambo!

08/03/20: Full moon in Adriatica.

08/02/20: More fun at the lake...

07/31/20: Natalia's birthday comes early!

07/25/20: Natalia showing off her jumping skills!

07/12/20 - 07/19/20: Jaymee's Birthday in South Padre!

07/05/2020: Luna en el lago.

07/04/2020: She makes it look easy!

06/28/2020: Lucky guy got a Lamborghini Sian! (hard to find)

06/27/2020: A day at the lake.


06/24/2020: Let the jumps begin!

06/22/2020: Mason and I build marble runs.

06/21/2020: For Father's Day I received the best gift ever... time!

06/20/2020: Wild outback of the home...

06/16/2020: Quarantine dinner for 5!

06/14/2020: Fun in the sun with friends...

06/06/2020: Another weekend at the lake.

06/01/2020: Jet ski, tube, kayak, paddle board, and sun at Ray Roberts Lake.

05/31/2020: The girls enjoy the day in Little Elm.

05/30/2020: A new addition to the stables!

05/26/2020: Isolation taking it's toll on us all...

05/24/2020: Memorial weekend fun at Little Elm Beach!

05/23/2020: Ready for the water and summer fun!

05/18/2020: COVID-19 drives us to tug-o-war contests...

05/17/2020: Luna loves sleeping like this after a good smile.

05/14/2020: Daily Hibiscus.

05/13/2020: Natalia enjoys a canter with Vegas, and Luna meets a horse.

05/12/2020: Jibs at the park and kids having fun...

05/10/2020: Mother's Day with my gorgeous wife!

05/10/2020: Mason builds an awesome Porsche 911 RSR

05/09/2020: Natalia's first English ride, and Mason jumps R/C's with me.

05/07/2020: Luna learns to use the dog door.

05/06/2020: Luna does this every morning.

05/03/2020: Dirt jumping at Binkley Park in Sherman, TX.

04/29/2020: Jaymee took Luna rock climbing while I bike at the park.

04/28/2020: Fun hopping rocks at local park until I pinched the rear tire flat.

04/26/2020: Mason didn't anticipate my accuracy.

04/25/2020: Quite a character...

04/20/2020: ADIDOG

You know it's been too many days in quarantine when you find your puppy dressed in 'ADIDOG' wear...

04/17/2020: Who could say no to these two?

04/17/2020: Puppies Socially Distancing Together.

04/11/2020: The kids welcome Luna to the family. Cutest French bulldog ever!

04/11/2020: 10 hours to supercharge the 4Runner. Well worth it...

03/31/2020: 'Portrait of a Mason'

03/29/2020: Mason catches 2 large mouth bass. First time catching fish in his life!


03/28/2020: Having fun while social distancing...

03/08/2020: Fun getting dirty in Bridgeport.

03/07/2020: Don't be fooled by her small size... She's tough!

02/23/2020: Stars game & Mason Opening Championship.

02/14/2020: Valentine's Day with the most wonderful wife!

02/02/2020: Fun building the best birthday gift from the kids!

01/26/2020: Thank you Sarena Michaels. It was worth the wait!

01/19/2020: Girls left to their own devices & Mason shredding the skate park.

01/04/2020: Filipina on ICE...

12/31/2019: New Year's in Park City.

12/23/2019: Hanging with The Stars!

12/01/2019: Happy Holidays!

(The girls decorate the house and do a great job!)

11/11/2019: New beginnings with the union of 2 families.

We will embark on journeys unknown, and find ways to enjoy happiness together every step of the way. Jaymee Ann Lee, we welcome you and your beautiful children into our lives! We are truly blessed...

(Left to Right: Natalia Lee, Joshua Lee, Mason Schopfer, Jaymee Lee, Kaleigh Schopfer)