01/17/22: Another full moon over Adriatica!

01/16/22: Early Spring Cleaning!

01/12/22: The Storm Trooper is almost complete!

01/03/22: Storm Trooper gets a rear bumper upgrade thanks to Victory 4x4!

12/29/21 - 01/01/22: New Years on the beach as Jaymee recovers from COVID-19.


12/19/21: The girls play on the ice!

12/14/21: Dusting off the unicycle...

12/05/21: Family gets the FRIENDS Experience!

12/04/21: Mason tent camping for his first time in Possum Kingdom!

11/24/21: Happy Holidays from the Lee Family! Decorations are done!

11/21/21: Girls decorate inside the house!

11/16/21: Stars beat Red Wings 5:2 and Mason makes friends!

11/13/21: Nothing like a beach to yourself!

11/12/21 - 11/14/21: Happy Anniversary with my lovely wife and pup in South Padre!

11/11/21: Happy Anniversary My Love!

10/17/21: Camping with my love at Lake Texoma!

10/08/21 - 10/12/21: Natalia camping/biking for her 14th birthday!

Photos Here

10/05/21: Perfect fit for the tent, and ready to camp!

09/24/21: Happy Birthday Kaleigh!

09/16/21: Luna has hops!

09/12/21: The Storm Trooper gets some new suspension!

09/08/21: Luna catches a squirrel!

09/04/21: Another nice evening at Dee Lincoln Prime!

08/12/21: All the kiddos are off to a another year of school!

07/21/21 - 07/26/21: Fun in Colorado Springs!

Photos Here

07/13/21: Mason catches everything in the pond!

07/09/21: A great night with my love at Dee Lincoln Prime!

06/09/21: Jeff Westcott and his team at Westcott Designs give the 4Runner a roof upgrade!

06/02/21: Morimoto!

05/22/21: Rangers take Astros 8-4...

05/07/21: Do a kick flip...

04/25/21: Family Rocket Time!

04/23/21: Boiling a solid...

04/12/21: Rolling down the stairs...

04/11/21: Hop, Drop, and Roll!

04/05/21: Mason launching rockets!

04/03/21: Another Hoppy Day!

03/28/21: Mason rides Northshore!

03/27/21: Have a hoppy day!


03/19/21: Mason the Mountain Biker!

03/13/21: Quick progression.

03/10/21: Free mounting the muni...

03/08/21: Off-roading with 1 wheel!

03/03/21: Getting ready for the circus!

01/26/21: Celebrating 40 revolutions around the sun!

01/18/21: Thank you Budget Blinds! House looks great!

01/03/21: Welcoming 2021 in Park City!