11/26/20: Thanksgiving with family, friends, and lechon!

11/22/20: Natalia shows strength in her first hunter show!

11/21/20: Andretti racing and arcades for Mason's birthday!

11/11/20 - 11/15/20: Clams in Boston... Anniversary in Vermont!

11/10/20: We love you Cynthia! Thank you for the surprise yard sign!

11/09/20: 90 degrees short...

11/06/20: Another project completed!

11/03/20: Mason tests his new BMX.


10/27/20: The 4Runner gets full length skids for off road...

10/27/20: Happy Halloween!

10/26/20: The girls pretend to be twins...

10/25/20: Wonderful dinner at Dee Lincoln Prime!

10/12/20: Natalia has a Twilight 13th birthday in Forks, WA!

10/01/20: A nice dinner with some good friends!

09/26/20: Fun, sun, and lots of tickets for Kaleigh's b-day!

09/24/20: Happy 13th Kaleigh!

09/19/20: Date Night!

09/05/20: A lovely nightcap!

09/03/20: Cruising during a calm night...

09/02/20: Another full moon in Adriatica with the woman I love!

08/30/20: 104 degrees at Dinosaur Valley!

08/29/20: Why not?

08/23/20: Jollibee brings a bit of the Philippines to Dallas!

08/11/20: Mr. Miyagi has nothing on me!

08/10/20: Lambo!

08/03/20: Full moon in Adriatica.

08/02/20: More fun at the lake...

07/31/20: Natalia's birthday comes early!

07/25/20: Natalia showing off her jumping skills!

07/12/20 - 07/19/20: Jaymee's Birthday in South Padre!

07/05/2020: Luna en el lago.

07/04/2020: She makes it look easy!